The United States And Soviet Union Essay

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The United States and Soviet Union had two completely different world views that lead to tension between the nations and the Cold war. After world war two the United States and Soviet Union were two of the largest superpowers and were now in the possesion of new weapons of mass destruction. This and different political views on how the government should govern its people lead to a falling out between the super powers that would lead to years of rivalry. The differences between the two nations was communism versus capitalism, conquered territories, and amount of weapons of mass destruction. These competing views caused international tension that would lead to many conflicts before the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990 's.

The United States and the Soviet Union had different views concerning how the government should govern its people. The Soviet Union subscribed to communism which a system in which there is government ownership over everything from production to agriculture. The United States uses the economic structure called capitalism, where the countries trade and industry in controlled by private business. The United States viewed communism as to intrusive into citizens lives and threatened the American version of capitalism. While the government controlled all industry and trade in the Soviet Union in the United States, capitalism was controlled by private business giving people the opportunity to recieve higher wages and have more purchasing power. After…

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