The United States And Mexico Border Essay

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All who live in and around the borderlands knows and understands that there is so much more to the border than the basic definition given by Webster’s Dictionary which states that a border simply exists as “the outer part or edge of anything; the exterior limit of a place.” Whenever the “white” man has unfairly imposed on new land in which the Native Americans or the Mexicans already owned and claimed, tensions flared and more often than not conflict arose. The United States and Mexico border is no exception to this fact of history. This borderland consists of many conflicts between the Native Americans, the Mexicans and the Europeans who all fought to keep or take over the land that they claimed or wanted to claim as their own. The US-Mexico border was a place where people from different nations and cultures came together and created a new culture of people which we now know as Mexican-Americans. These people were generally Mexican migrants who came to live in America to start a new life and because they were immigrants to the US, American’s were often demanding that these people change and become more integrated into American society. At the same time, Mexico’s leaders were demanding that these migrants stay loyal to Mexico and their homeland culture. Today, the United States and Mexico maintains a friendly relationship, for the most part, but it really wasn’t all that long ago when people on both sides had nothing but hatred and hostilities towards each other. Over…

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