The United State Navy And General Use Of Time Essay examples

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Due to the fact I showed up exactly on time and didn 't use my fifteen minutes safe zone arrival time I ordered to write 4 page essays; am writing this essay about the importance of time to the United State Navy and general use of time.
To understand been on time someone have to know what it means to be in time. To be in time is been punctual and accountable responsibly. Besides that he/she asks himself/herself those questions; what is my attitude towards time? Is showing up on time important to me and my friends, shipmates, or family? These small breaks can help anyone replenish mindset and recognize thoughts, so that they can view time differently and – not as the past. Use of time and in time can be different from nation to nation, culture to culture or people to people. In some places like Africa and Latin America, life moves slowly and in different perspective so times are meant to be fuzzy. The western culture is so conservative when it comes to time life changes and moves quickly and for that use of time is strict and to be in time is hundred percent requirement. For that reason, people who leave in those two parts of the world have unique attitude towards time. Nevertheless human beings are inpatient thus no human being would refuse to see a need be done early or in time. As a result it is absolutely important to someone and his/her friends, shipmates or family to show up early and take care of a need in time as it is said do the same what you want to be done…

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