The Unfair Treatment Of African Americans Essay

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The unfair treatment of African Americans in the criminal justice system is one of the major problems America is facing for the last three decades. There are many examples where African American and low income minorities are treated differently and not given the chance to prove their innocence. The law enforcement promises to treat all men or women equal opportunity, but the same system has put 120,000 innocent African Americans in prison. While most of them still remain in prisons, injustice by law enforcements is still a burden to the minorities in America. Americans consider crime and wrongful conviction to be "the most important problem facing this country today" (Gallup Poll 1998). A wrongful conviction is a horrible injustice when a person spends years in jail. This is getting recognized by the U.S. system but often late. In many cases by the time they are proven innocent, the individual might have passed away. Most of the research shows that when prisoners are released, they’re destroyed emotionally which makes life complicated for them after they return to their normal lives. More than 23 states do not give compensation if the criminal justice system is wrong and a person has no right to sue law enforcement and recover the money that was done by damage.This research paper will explain what are the causes of the wrongful convictions, why it is an important issue, and its reform ideas/proposal. A lot of research has been conducted in 1970s for the wrongful…

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