Essay on The Unequal Distribution Of Healthcare

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Children’s Health
Multiple studies have established that in the United States a discrepancy exists between healthcare services provided to children of minorities and the rest of the population. The problem is so evident that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality was directed by congress to report on disparities annually beginning in 2003 (AHRQ, 2014). The unequal distribution of healthcare to disadvantaged families has a direct measurable impact on children’s health. The causes of disparity are varied and difficult to quantify, but the most likely issues are insufficient income, geographic location and ethnicity or cultural background. These factors are especially harmful to children because they are largely reliant on their parents to provide access to care; if adequate care is not sought for them, they are usually not in a position to obtain it themselves.
Financial concerns are some of the larger barriers that come into play concerning obtaining adequate healthcare. The cost for health coverage is expensive and a large percentage of minorities earn a lower income and are less likely to have jobs that provide health insurance than whites. According to Moy, Dayton, & Clancy (2005), the percentage of ethnic minorities and low income families receiving recommended childhood vaccines from 2000-2002 was much lower than that of whites and higher income families, it can be reasonably inferred that this disparity is due to a lack of resources.
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