The Underground Sex Trafficking And Child Prostitution Essay

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Svay Pak is a Vietnamese village located in the Russey Keo District of Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is the infamous center of sex trafficking and child prostitution. Every single day young girls, ages eight to fourteen years old, are sold for large sums of money to underground brothels where they are kept for days or even weeks. These brothels are usually run by couples who teach young woman to solicit strangers and hide underage girls behind closed doors and market them off, usually to travelers. Other times, child exploitation starts on the streets, where a pedophile is approached by a pimp. The client places his “order” and is met at a nearby hotel by the seller and the child is handed over and sold for sex. These crimes are done in less obvious and secretive ways which make prosecutions more difficult. Corruption often exist within law enforcement, therefore criminals succeed and the underground sex trafficking business is near impossible to completely stop. In Cambodia the average family scrapes by on less than one dollar a day. Most families live in run down huts on the water front and sell the fish they catch outside their homes for a living. It is common for a family to have many children and the revenue from fishing isn’t nearly enough to support them and so parents are forced to borrow money. Debts pile up and interest increases leaving mothers and fathers to feel hopeless, desperate and afraid they will be turned into to the authorities. This is the time when a man…

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