Essay on The Ultimate Battle Of Good Vs Evil

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The Ultimate Battle of Good vs Evil Many novels and events throughout history, such as the Bible or Winston Churchill vs Adolf Hitler, use the idea of a perpetual battle of good vs evil, where the two sides are in a constant power struggle to the end. In Lord of the Flies, the protagonist, Ralph, if given the chance to lead for an extended period of time on the island, would be a superior and more successful leader, in comparison to his rival, Jack. Both of these boys are very resourceful, have a exceptional sense of initiative, and possess a certain amount of wisdom. Both Ralph and Jack are interesting leaders in their own ways, but Ralph has an advantage given his ideas of long term rescue and safety. As a matter of fact, to be a successful leader, you must possess very certain traits, one of these traits being resourceful. Although Ralph and Jack both have different moments of being a resourceful leader, they maintain similarities in regards to using what they have available to the best of their abilities. Ralph shows his resourcefulness on the island very early when the group of boys head to the mountain to build a fire, where Ralph sees Piggy’s glasses and uses them to start up the fire. Jack shows his resourcefulness on the island when he pulls Sam and Eric from their post of watching the fire, so that they may kill their first pig, to ensure that the whole tribe would be fed meat. “Ralph moved the lenses back and forth, this way and that, till a glossy white image…

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