Lord Of The Flies Leader Analysis

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Ralph And Jack 's Battle To Leader
In the book, lord of the flies written by William Golding, a bunch of children get stuck on an island with no adults. So of course they need a person who is in charge of them to help kind of guide them into the right direction. Some people chose ralph and some chose jack. Ralph is the kind of person that wants to lay down the orders and make sure that the rest of the kids on the island aren 't messing around and being responsible. Jack on the other hand is the more hard headed guy he wants to mess around and wants to just have fun. Which one will make the best leader? What gives him power? keep reading to find out who is the best leader.
Jack is the person that changes the most throughout the story.
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What gives jack power is that he has most of the boys and ralph only has two on his side, and that can be kind of intimidating because they can steal things from ralph and ralph cant do nothing because he can end up killed. Jack is a pretty good manipulator because he made all of the boys who are stuck on the island go on his team because he is saying that he’ll give them food and shelter and ect. and i think that 's why most of them went also because jack called ralph a wimp because he doesn 't wanna hunt and can make everyone turn against each other, but not good enough to be a good leader on the …show more content…
Jack is not a good enough leader because he always brings people down and doesn 't care about anyone and he is happy that there isn 't no adult supervision so that 's why he is acting the way he is. He is making everyone turn against everyone and he doesn 't care if anyone dies or is starving to death, he has no heart he is what you call cold-hearted person. After all ralph is a good leader and has a lot of power and is a very respectful young

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