Jack Lord Of The Flies Leader Analysis

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Jack is a Good Leader

Most of the time, the antagonist of a book is expected to fail, lose, or fall through. However, this does not apply to the case of Lord of the Flies’ antagonist, Jack. In fact, Jack is actually a good leader, because he knows what his members wants, which are food, protections and having fun. Two different leaders have a different ending, due to the fact that they have different ways of leading their group. As a leader, they have to think about others and behave properly by following the rules, but behaving civilized doesn’t necessary mean that it can lead to victory. What defines a good leader is the quality they have and also the experience they had.
Hatred started because of jealousy, which can lead to revenge. Just like the situation between Jack and Ralph, and Jack has a purpose to become the leader, to be able to show the boys, that he can protect them, make them feel safe and give them food. All leader, have to think about what his group wants, and this characteristic best suits Jack.
The boy who had the experience of being a leader been the best choice, because the other boys have no experience of being a leader, and it’s a risk to choose someone that have no experience, because then,
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When the littluns is scared of “the beast”, Ralph keeps on telling them that there is no beast, but instead, Jack goes hunting for the beast so they’ll feel save; it’s proven that Jack will step down for the group when he have to. When Jack’s group stole Piggy’s glasses for fire, Ralph was so mad, because that is the only thing they have left, They’re not allowing Jack’s group to use the fire for their supper, however, the fire for cooking can still be a signal fire, due to the fact that, using both ways, they can produce smoke, which will attract the attention of the people that passes

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