The Type Of Prevention : Secondary Prevention Essay

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San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc. 1. The type of prevention is: Secondary Prevention
a. This agency provides secondary prevention to its cliental because it primarily focuses on a high-risk population: people with serious emotional disorders, severe and persistent mental illness.
2. The main functions of this agency are to: ease clients into everyday life by helping them reach their highest potential, offer individualized and effectual therapy services, educate on the benefits of therapy and raising awareness.
3. The target population is the immediate community which would be residents located in the Van Nuys area.
4. Some of the many programs that are offered are:
a. Outpatient therapy for youth (17-21 year olds)
b. Major mental illness assessment and treatment
c. Intensive family-oriented in-home therapist for Juvenile Delinquents
d. Individual/family/group therapy
e. Juvenile and probation camps
f. Domestic violence crisis intervention
5. It is a non-profit agency that accepts both people who can and cannot pay.
6. You call the administrative office at (818) 901-4830 and they ask the client specific questions and take a patient intake form which is reviewed and then the client is contacted by the type of program they need and go from there.
7. That is the only location.
8. It is completely Non-profit and funded by donations.
9. I think it’s an amazing agency because it is very large and provides a plethora…

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