The Truth Of Lying By Stephanie Ericsson Essay

1325 Words Oct 12th, 2016 6 Pages
The Truth of Lying “Are you calling me a liar?” “Well I ain’t calling you a truther!” Drake and Josh display a perfect example of a double entendre; a phrase with two meanings, and in this scenario Drake explains that he is not telling the truth and alludes to the fact that there is several forms of lying.This is further explained in Stephanie Ericsson’s article The Way We Lie when she explains, “There must be some merit to lying.” In our society today, it seems that everything we run into is a lie in one form or another. Media, relationships, and even religion has all turned into one big false truth. Is this necessarily bad though? Don’t some lies exist to protect our faith in humanity and our faith in ourselves? I am here to tell you that yes, lying in some forms can be innocent and may even be very progressive to our society and the way we live our lives. We can not go a single day without compiling information from the news in some sort. Our phones, literature, and some music consist of lies that people tell us in some fashion. For example, this anti-drug war that is currently being fought that started with the Nixon Administration has started with lies and has continued to lie to Americans every single day. The most infamous of these lies has been that marijuana kills brain cells. This lie has been accredited to Dr. Robert Heath, whom attached masks to monkeys and forced them to ingest nothing but emissions from cannabis. The result from this study was that cannabis…

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