The Truth Behind Sugar : The American Population Essay

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The Truth Behind Sugar The American population is fatter than ever before. When compared to the seventies, the obesity rates of today have increased almost 20%. So, why are more people obese today? The answer lies within the food Americans are consuming everyday. As a result of food industries replacing fat for sugar, the human body has started to store fat more easily and increased the United States’ obesity rates. When taking a look back into history, the low-to-no-fat movement ironically can be blamed for starting America’s obesity epidemic. During the seventies, there was a movement in America to low-to-no-fat food items. Senator George McGovern, a democrat from South Dakota, caused the start of this movement when he called an assembly during July 1976. At his hearing he brought attention to a link found between the diet of Americans and heart disease: fat. The senator blamed the deaths of eight senators, who had died between the 1960s-1970s, on heart disease, which is caused by fat clogging the arteries. His goal was for citizens to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of greasy burgers from fast food restaurants, but the people heard something else.
But this message was lost in translation. What did Americans hear? Fat is bad; carbs are good. And the food industry saw the low-fat, high-carb mantra as an opportunity to create a whole new range of products. Fat-free frozen yogurt, fat-free muffins and cookies — the formula was: Take out the fat; add lots of sugar.…

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