The Truth About Seaworld And The Film Blackfish By Gabriella Cowperaite

914 Words Sep 20th, 2016 4 Pages
“Other animals can’t speak, lobby, protest, or demand their right to exist in peace and freedom on earth. It is humanity’s responsibility.” There are many pros of SeaWorld that people know about and enjoy, but on the other hand there are a lot of cons. The killer whales that SeaWorld is holding in captivity have emotions that are being changed because they can’t have the full experience on how to really live. The truth about SeaWorld is covered up and the director of this film wants the concealed secret of SeaWorld to finally come out. By using ethos, pathos and logos in the film Blackfish by Gabriella Cowperaite, she is able to expose awful truths about the park that they tried to keep sealed from everyone else bot involved with the whales held in captivity.
Ethos is a request to ethics and trying to convince someone in what they believe in. In the documentary, they interview multiple handfuls of former SeaWorld trainers and more. The goal of this is to get different stories about their experiences about SeaWorld when they first started working and how they felt about the injuries and death performed by the killer whales. They were all hesitant about first starting out but eventually formed relationships. When the interviewers asked about Dawn’s death, there were all types of responses. They were outraged because of what SeaWorld said because Dawn was one of the best trainers at SeaWorld. “She captured what it means to be a SeaWorld trainer. She had so much experience that…

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