Essay on The Trump 's Effect On His Popularity

2217 Words Sep 5th, 2016 null Page
Everyone is fully aware of the Trump phenomenon where criticism had no effect on his popularity. In fact, most every time he acted indecent and/or immoral, his poll numbers went up during the primaries. We’ve never seen anything like this in our nation. Even with this advantage, he still never would have gotten where he was if some other critical factors weren’t in play. Trump stood out against the whole slew of his other GOP rivals. Most were indeed decent conservative candidates with experience in government. Trump was practically a lone player against the rest whose delegates were divided amongst themselves. He had a tremendous advantage. Rather than his opponents going after Trump, they all just started attacking each other. Their reasoning was because of the theory that the person who is able to pull ahead to second place behind Trump will be the man to eventually take down Trump. As soon as Rubio pulled ahead, Chris Christie tore him a new one in one of the final debates. Rubio never recovered. And when Ted Cruz immerged, nearly every political congressman in Washington came out to attack him. John Boehner called Cruz, “Lucifer in the flesh”. Oh the irony. As long as the candidates stayed in the race, Trump’s numbers just kept rising unencumbered. Even when there was NO POSSIBLE WAY OF WINNING, the egos of such candidates as Carson, Bush, Rubio, and especially Kasich kept them in the race; effectively dividing up the delegates and virtually guaranteeing a Trump…

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