A Humorous Wedding Letter To A Father

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Dear, Mary
I finally I found the courage to do this. For years I’ve being in love with you and I never understood why the feelings grew when I first encountered you. I’ve always being anxious to approach and express my deep love for you because the fear of rejection, it has stopped me. You were the reason behind those countless smiles on my face. Because of you I know now the true meaning of love and how wonderful it is to find the one. The person I would spend many of my years with, settle down with, hopefully get marry, then start a family and eventually grow old with one another until death separates us. Because of you, I know what it is like to want someone so badly. Because of you, I figured out why someone would give away a large quantity
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Why would society create and portrayed an ideal fantasised imagine of how it should be? How come no one ever mentions about the agony and ache it brings to one sometimes. It's tricky to believe on something that’s seen so often but so difficult to find whether it’s true or poisonous. Don't tell me I don't know what I'm saying. Because I know for sure that it’s not easy to forget how much you love someone with everything, still it is not enough. Neither is it easy to focus on another person when you have someone on your mind, and in your heart. It is painful but like someone once said ‘without pain, we won’t know joy’. Heart breaks are there to teach us valuable lessons.

I often think about how I'm not able to offer you much, apart from loving you unconditionally through good and bad times because a girl like you is rare, Mary. A man who can't provide for his woman or family is thought of poorly, and I don’t want people talking badly about us. So I hope whoever comes crosses in your path knows how lucky they are, how privilege they are to call you theirs, hopefully love you like I did at some point in time, and cry with the thought of losing

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