The True Magic Of Disney Essay

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The True Magic of Disney
“In 2012, the Walt Disney Company generated as much as…19.46 billion U.S. dollars, up from 18.71 billion a year earlier.”(Revenue 1)
Walt Disney was always practiced drawling whenever he could and would often get beat because he would draw on the on the bar walls, but that never deterred him from continuing to do it, and he kept on practicing. He started a small business that failed than another one that almost went he same way, he has lost a lot trying to start up and even filed bankrupt more than once. It wasn’t until he made Mickey and started experimenting with animation that he started doing well and became a true revolutionary. Every child knows the Magic of Disney and the happiness it brings to everyone, but not many know the hardship Walt Disney had to go through to become so successful but what makes him a true revolutionary is his original ideas and how he was the first to incorporated color and sound into his animations, which also led to singing and symphonies later being included.
Walt Disney was the first to have an orchestra for his animations, before Walt had talking and singing he would construct a symphony to go along with it, to set the mood convey what people where thinking. He would sometimes only have sound and the symphony play with no talking in his animation, and have more like a music video that tells a story only it has no words or lyrics. . “Flowers and Trees was the was the first commercially released film to be…

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