The True Irony Of Sohrab And Rostam Essay

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The True Irony Of Sohrab And Rostam Sohrab And Rostam was originally written as poem, but later was translated into a graphic comic book. Both versions of the story display a good amount of irony in their endings. Additionally, the two versions of story use irony creatively to form an artistically meaningful set of life lessons for the reader to ponder. However, the poem is more ironic, which leads to a greater artistic meaning. The comic is also less descriptive than the poem. The lack of description causes the comic to seem basic and not nearly as insightful as the poem.
There is a multitude of reasons why the poem is more ironic than the new adaptation of the story. First of all, the poem is longer and uses better detail, which allows the story to be understood on a deeper level. The reader’s deeper understanding of the poem leads to a greater development of irony. Initially, in the poem Rostam knows Sohrab is his son before they fight to the death. But, Rostam still knowingly kills Sohrab. The scene when Sohrab is murdered comes off as so ironic to the reader, because early in the poem Rostam knowingly impregnates a woman and gloats of how great their kid will be, “He’ll be a boy like Sam, the son of Nariman, noble and chivalrous…”(Shahnameh 189). Rostam’s excessive bragging about his son, gives off the impression that he would love Sohrab and not want to harm him. So, once Rostam’s feelings about Sohrab were announced early in the story it seemed very unlikely that he…

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