Essay on The True Gospel Of Jesus

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The King Jesus Gospel gets right to the point, we live in a salvation culture world. We need the Gospel culture to return. The true Gospel is Jesus, His story, which is every story. The story of the Bible and Scripture does not exist without Jesus. The story of Israel is completed in Jesus. In the beginning was God, He made a temple, we call it Earth. He made mankind to govern this temple, we failed. The first Adam fell, he was unable to fulfill his purpose. Throughout history many others including, Abraham, David, and Solomon, failed this same task. Jesus, however, did not fail, He did what only He could do. Jesus went to work restoring God’s Kingdom. In the process, he restored us, made a way for us to return to fellowship with God. Today we focus on salvation, it is presented as the Gospel. Salvation is a part of the Gospel, an important part, but however, it is still only a part. We desperately need to return to the spreading of the Gospel. McKnight systematically makes his case for this. He starts out explaining the current state of what passes for the Gospel. This is what he calls a salvation culture, where focus is on sin management. Jesus is viewed more as a get out of Hell free card than the Messiah. A tool, not the King. “Exhibit B… John Piper…asked this question: ‘Did Jesus preach Paul’s gospel?’ This cuts to the heart of the issue, we have got it backwards and don’t even realize it. McKnight defines the “salvation culture and the “Gospel culture.” He clarifies…

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