The Trojan War : A Historical Event And Not A Greek Myth Essay

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The Trojan War is a battle that I believed did take place in history. Troy VIIa appears to have been destroyed and this is likely to be by the Trojan War, and there were also traces of a fire, the Trojan War could have caused this fire as well. Blegen narrowed it down to a few possibilities of the date where the Trojan War took place. I believe that the Trojan War took place in Troy VIIa (in 1275-1240 B.C). This may have been earlier because of the latest Mycenaean imports in the ruins of Troy VIh. The date of the destruction of Troy has been argued a lot. If we agree with Blegen and other historians such as Dörpfield, Schlieman and the Homeric Troy, we still consider still believe that the Trojan War was a historical event and not a Greek myth. Troy VIIa in my opinion is the most likely contender for the city of Priam. Also the history of Troy VIIa says that it perished in a fire and both the buildings outside and also within the citadel were destroyed.

There were extensive repairs to the south and southeast portion of the wall . All of these repairs gave no new program of fortification building to Troy VIIa. This is the practice of continuously constructing defensive works that seems to have shown characteristics of the Trojan foundation. Also domestic architecture is another significant feature of the proof that the Trojan War took place in Troy VIIa. The houses that were built in Troy VIIa were much more densely packed within the Citadel . The houses tended to be one to…

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