Qualitative Analysis: The Triumph Of The Will

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The qualitative analysis method is selected for this research study for providing a thorough and comprehensive description of gathered information. The analysis of this nature does not involve the algebraic methods being directed by the existing material at hand. The qualitative study is based on the collection of personal understanding and demonstration of the researcher of this study. This type of analysis uses the content for the determination of results of reviewed studies within the literature review of the study (Daniel & Sam, 2011).
3.7. Ethical Considerations
The credibility of the study revolves around the level at which results and observations coordinate with each other. The researcher of this study has considered his ethical considerations
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The camera in this movie played a significant impact to capture the reactions of people. Undoubtedly, the movie has implemented cinematic techniques to manage the grand event of Hitler’s visit to Nuremberg. Similarly, the movie “The Thin Blue Line” has provided the straight shot of interviews reflecting the way of framing subjects for the audience to look carefully. On the other hand, the camera use in “The Cove” reflects the self-righteousness while using the cameras as guns showing no real desire for understanding the culture of …show more content…
In the specific section of research study, it has been identified that films represent to generate favourable influences on social practice and audience awareness. The discussion represents that audiences are influences by films and in most of cases develop behaviours as well as thought of people. The discussion has been critically supported with different examples of films that rendered higher social impacts on the targeted audiences. The next chapter of the research study includes relevant concluding notes in order to determine the major

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