Research Methods And Research Methodology Essay

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Research Methods and Research Methodology are different from each other. Methodology refers to the model of research (qualitative or quantitative) conducted for a particular project where as a method is a set of specific tasks, tools and techniques used for collecting and analysing data (Wahyuni, 2012).
4.1 Research Methodology:
The methodology used for the study of this project qualitative approach. Qualitative research is an approach to study natural social life and the data is not analysed using numbers to produce the hypothesis (Saldana, 2012). Qualitative research tries to present life as it really is and places emphasis on process and meanings (Sale & Brazil, 2002); where the researchers make claims from their perspective using strategies of investigation such as ethnographies, grounded theory, case studies or phenomenologies and collect the data from which trends, themes and ideas are developed (Hancock 2002).
Ethnographic research is concerned with describing the values, attitudes, customs and substance of a particular group of people that is in ethnographical studies the focuses is on understanding and describing the culture of a specific group of people whose shared parameters are either geographical, religious or tribal; in other word ethnography is a systematic study of people and cultures (Greener 2008). According to Hancock (2002) ethnographic researchers need to spend much time in the field collecting data by means of observation and interviews. The data is…

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