Essay about The Trip Of The Season Of Summer

1402 Words Feb 9th, 2016 null Page
Finals were finally over! Although the season of summer had yet to begin, summer was officially here for me. This was the perfect time to plan something to really start this summer off great. However, little did I know the planning had already begun. A couple friends of mine mentioned taking a road trip to the city. Listening to this statement, I immediately was disappointed because we always go to Saint Louis. After a little more discussion I slowly became more interested because the city they were talking about was Chicago. With little notice my two friends Sam and Jordan quickly arrived to my house in Wentzville, Missouri. I finished packing quick because I was so excited for the trip of the summer. Before leaving to Chicago my friends and I decided upon flipping a coin to see whom the unlucky winner was to drive. This was already an unfair battle because only Sam and I actually have a vehicle. I slowly reached for a quarter on my dining room table. My fingers could feel the rough surface of the quarter as I asked my friends to choose a side. He picked heads, and as I tossed the quarter in the air all I could hear is the feint sound of the wind as the coin was flipping around. The thump on the ground was surprisingly loud considering I had carpet floors. The next thing I saw was the fact that I would be the driver during this trip. We entered my car and the journey had officially begun. I grasped on to my steering wheel tightly and watched the cracks in my driveway for…

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