The Trip Of A Lifetime Essay

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The Trip of a Lifetime

It was July fourteenth of the year two thousand and twenty twelve; I was twelve years old. My best friend Page, her parents and I were on a thirteen hour car ride to West Bay, Wisconsin. We were staying with Pages godparents for a week in their cabin in the middle of nowhere. This story is significant to me because I got to see, hear, and learn different things from a different perspective.
The drive up to Wisconsin was the longest drive I have ever been on. On the way, we stopped at every state we went through, and I got my picture taken at all of the rest stops with the state 's name on it. I also was looking at all of the different landscapes of the states, and taking pictures of them to show my parents when I got back home. When we arrived at West Bay, Wisconsin, it was about nine thirty in the evening; Page and I decided that we wanted to go outside and look at the stars from the dock. When we looked up we could see a faint, and foggy covering over the stars, we described it as looking at angels moving through the sky. What we later learned was that we were looking at was the northern lights. Pages godfather told me that it had been years since he had seen the northern lights there. It was my first time seeing the northern lights, and it is something that I will never forget.
The crazy and fun adventures I had while I was in Wisconsin consisted of being outdoors, and being active; I had a lot of fun. One of the first things we did was visit…

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