Essay on The Treaty Of Versailles On The World War I

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Unit 3 Essay In 1919, Germany was presented with the peace terms of the Treaty of Versailles to end the gruesome World War I with two choices: to sign the treaty, or to be invaded and face yet another war. If they choose to sign, this would mean that they were solely “responsible” for the damage World War I had caused worldwide and would have to face the appropriate penalty for doing so. It was with great difficulty that Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. Although a percentage from the German government were open to continuing the war, the German military was not prepared for it. The Germans had little choice but to accept to the treaty. This treaty humiliated Germany in the sense that it took approximately 10% of their land away, limited their army, and caused them to pay billions in reparations to the Allied Powers in Article 231 of the treaty. All of these actions combined contributed to the rise of a man named Adolf Hitler. Because the Treaty of Versailles severely punished Germany, turmoil and chaos followed the signing of the Versailles Treaty and allowed Hitler to rise to power and gain significant influence towards the Germans in the social, political, and economical aspects of German life. Political After the Treaty was presented to Germany, the government at the time resigned because they did not want to sign it. The incoming government, the Weimar Republic, was faced with the pressure of the treaty shortly after they were elected as the new German…

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