The Treaty Of Versailles During The World War I Essay

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Rising as Dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler started a war which affected most of the world. Although many factors contributed to the cause of WWII, Hitler was the main reason for the devastations. His goal for racial purity and “lebensraum” caused a lot of people to lose their lives. The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty to help end World War I. It ended the war between Germany and Allied Forces. The Treaty of Versailles was signed 5 years after the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The treaty including many French demands like “war guilt” that blamed Germany for the war. After the accusation, Germany lost power of their overseas colonies, most of their military, and other regions along the border. The treaty also made Germany pay large reparations. The French and British thought it was necessary in order to recover the nations. The Germans were humiliated that they lost a lot and wanted revenge. One of the German generals said “We’ll be able one day to resume and conclude this war… In the final battle we shall be the victors.” To them the Treaty of Versailles didn’t bring peace to them, but anger, loss, and failure. Germany and many other places had high unemployment rates and poverty. Germany’s economy was weak and the German government made it worse by printing more and more money. In 1919, Germany became a republic because the Allies made sure no one powerful enough was left in charge. Many Germans were complaining that democracy had made things worse. In 1932,…

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