Star Of David Symbolism

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The Star of David is a very precious symbol to the Jews. The two triangles represent good and evil or Jews and God. The triangle pointing up symbolizes goodness reflecting from earth to heaven then back down to earth. The Star of David was also a ver depressing symbol of the Holocaust. The six points on the Star of David represents God's rule over directions. The directions are down north east south and west. The inner core is the spiritful dimension surrounded by the directions. That is why The Star of David is so special. The Kristallact which is also known as The Night of the Broken Glass was one of the worst things the Nazi did to the Jews. It started during late hours on November 9th. The Nazi torched hundreds of synagogues and destroyed …show more content…
You wake up at 4am by the Kapo. Next you get a couple minutes to get washed before breakfast. You grab your mess tin or you get no food then you go get your breakfast. For breakfast you get 10 ounces of bread and coffee with no milk or sugar. If your lucky you get a thin slice of sausage. After breakfast you go join your work team and worked for 12-14 hours. You might dig trenches, or move heavy sand bags to different places, or work in a factory. If the guards thought you worked to slow then you were killed. After a few hours of work you got soup for lunch then you returned to work. After work you went back to the camps with all the bodies that died today, got more soup for dinner and went back to bed with 4 other people. Daily life in the camps was not good. There were lots of people who his Jews during the Holocaust to keep them safe. For example, a small village in France called La-Chambon-sur-Ligon sheltered over 5,000 refugees. Another was a man named Danish. He sent about 7,200 Jews to Switzerland for safety. A Siberian mother Klara Baić helped also. She sheltered 2 Jewish boys. Lastly Johanna Eck. She hid Jews in her small apartment. In conclusion, there were a lot of people who helped Jews during the

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