Star Of David Research Paper

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The modern day Star of David is a primary Jewish symbol made up of two interlocking triangles with six points ( hexagram ). The Star of David is also on the flag of Israel; today it may seem like a harmless symbol of religion, but in 1933 this symbol was the difference between life and death. Millions of Jews were killed simply because of their beliefs. Six million men, women and children all sentenced to death. Children above the age of 6 were forced to sew a yellow patch shaped like the Star Of David with the word “Jude” written in bold black Hebrew letters. The following year, the technique was introduced in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia and other countries in German control. The Star Of David had a significantly different meaning during the Holocaust. The Shoah (also known as the Holocaust, from a Greek word meaning "sacrifice by fire,") was initiated by the members of the Nazi Party, which seized power in Germany in 1933. The Nazis believed in a doctrine of racial superiority, centering around the idea that people of Northern European descent were somehow better than members of all other races – especially the Jews, who were "unworthy of life." The Germans believed this specifically …show more content…
As a result of that policy and others, The Star of David was imbued with particular significance during the Holocaust. Everyone who was Jewish had to identify themselves as one. The Star of David, since the Holocaust, has brought a whole new meaning to Jews and the Jewish faith. After the Holocaust the Star of David is looked at by the Jews as a symbol of strength . The Star of David was looked at more passionately and reminded them of what they have been through and what all they have overcome. I believe it has a much deeper meaning since the

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