The Treatment Of The Oral Cavity Essay

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The mouth which is also called the oral cavity is associated with the accessory organs such as teeth, salivary glands, and tongue. The mouth is where digestion starts. Our teeth are used to chew food into really small pieces and our saliva contains enzymes that begins the process of digestion. Our tongue occupies the floor of the mouth and mixes food with saliva to form bolus which is a compact mass that forms food into a lump that helps initiates swallowing. The mouth begins the process of swallowing which carries food through the pharynx and into the esophagus. The esophagus is long muscular tube which is about 25 cm and 10 inches long. Food is routed into the esophagus and the epiglottis closes off the larynx of the food. The esophagus is also assisted by the mucosa, sub mucosa, and layers of muscle fibers between layers of fibrous tissue and an outer layer of connective tissue. It also contains mucous membrane which lines the esophagus walls. The muscular layers that are formed in the esophagus are closed tightly at both ends by sphincter muscles which prevents foods from leaking from the stomach back into the esophagus or the mouth. The sphincter relaxes allowing food to pass through. The Esophagus enter the abdomen and then it joins into the stomach. The Stomach is involved in full digestion activities. Besides serving as holding area for ingested foods the stomach degrades food physically and chemically. Gastric juices are also produced in the stomach which are…

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