The Treatment Of Medical Paternalism Essay

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Essay A
Paternalism is a situation which the decisions or actions of someone are made by another person, in attempts to keep their safety or best interest at hand. (Vaughn, 2013, p. 71). As a Registered Nurse I have seen instances of medical paternalism, such as a mental health patient deemed as a harm to themselves and/or to society. Patients in this situation are “pink slipped”, allowing the physicians caring for them to make all necessary medical decisions to aid in their treatment back to wellness. This situation arises more frequently than any other situation of medical paternalism, in my experience. During these cases, the patient is admitting to the intent to harm themselves or someone else. Because of the admission, many patients in this situation remain complaint with treatments and interventions. Rarely is a patient in so much danger that they do not realize the consequences of their actions. Although, in these situations I have seen the use of leather or fabric restraints to prevent patients from harming themselves or those around them. Alan Goldman speaks about empirical and moral arguments to defend the argument for medical paternalism. (Vaughn, 2013, p. 93). The moral argument for medical paternalism is one which Goldman breaks down into a five-premise outline. In attempts to reject the argument, he states that one of the five premise must be rejected. Goldman turns his attention to the third premise which states that patients who seek medical treatment have…

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