The Treatment Of Central Vascular Catheters Essay

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Plan for Implementation
According to the review of literature, one of the biggest problems to prevent CLABSI in the critical care areas is the lack of compliance to the existing protocols by nurses and other healthcare professionals. As we have learned, the insertion of central vascular catheters is an ubiquitous practice in the healthcare setting. Although, the benefits of central vascular catheters are many, the complications associated with this, necessary treatment are dangerous and could cost the life of patients of all ages and economical back ground. In addition, CLABSI creates unnecessary extra costs to institutions, who have to cover the all expenses, since, federal institutions are not longer reimbursing hospitals for any HAIs cost. All institutions around the country have put in efforts to prevent CLABSI and other HAIs by developing, introducing and practicing specific guidelines or bundles to prevent this infection. These preventative measures have showed to work to decrease the rates of CLABSI. However, the main goal is to eradicate CLABSI from the health care setting, this goal has not been attained yet.
Based in the review of literature and the evidence gathered from it, a plan was created to increase the compliance to CLABSI prevention practices in the CVTU unit. This plan consist on a constant education plan and training for all the nurses in the unit. In addition, and more important, is the creation of a unit-based quality team. One of the…

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