The Transition Class For Licensed Practical Nurses Essay

768 Words Nov 24th, 2015 4 Pages
In October of 2014, I entered the transition class for licensed practical nurses (LPN) in an associate degree program at Darton State College. I feel the transition class is really necessary, although I have been dealing with transition for several years, yet transitioning is never an easy process. My nursing career began as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in a nursing home in February of 2000. After obtaining a general educational development (GED) I eventually became a qualified, licensed practical nurse (LPN). Therefore, here I am today working diligently on my associate degree… As I climb the nursing ladder I realized that making a bed is making a bed, passing medication is passing medication but nursing roles isn 't just the same in nursing. When my responsibilities changed from certified nursing assistant to licensed practical nurse my employer and other health care team members had higher expectations of me. As I move through the process of becoming a registered nurse, my job requirements, expectations, and work responsibilities will change again. I know this transition will be a working progress, it will not happen overnight. By viewing role transitioning as a challenging opportunity it will gracefully prepare me emotionally and mentally for the growth process of becoming a skilled registered nurse. “The expectations of performance are much higher for registered nurses than they are for licensed practical nurses. On the floor, LPNs and RNs…

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