The Tragic Hero Of Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophocles Essay

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In the play Antigone by Sophocles translated by Ian Johnston, Creon, the main character as well as the new king, is the tragic hero of this play. His flaw is that he is too hubris and he is faced with many challenges that make him take drastic decisions. His arrogance does not let him see that he has make mistakes and he is not willing to accept it. He ends up losing everything that is important to him, in a devastating series of events.This makes him the perfect tragic hero in this play.
Creon 's noble stature certainly affects the overall theme of the story as him being the king. He is in charge; he makes the law and everyone has to follow his decisions even if they are unreasonable. Since he is in control no one can object to his mandate, this can be shown when Antigone tells Ismene, “Look- what’s Creon doing with our two brothers?/He 's honouring one with a full funeral/and treating the other one disgracefully!” (Sophocles, Prologue 25-27). Antigone manifests her anger on this quote about Creon 's decree, how she does not agree with it. Creon’s titled gives him the authority to do anything he pleases without taking advice from anyone. Even his adviser, the Chorus leader, advice it is not worthy for Creon, they also have to take orders from him, “What plan of action does he have in mind?/what 's made him hold this special meeting/ with elders summoned by a general call?”(Sophocles,Scene 1 182-184). Since Creon is the king his word it is the law, anything he says must be…

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