The Tragic Hero Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare Essay

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A Tragic Hero is not always the one who does everything right nor wrong. A tragic hero might be the one who suffers the most or might not, but what the rest of the people are unable to see is the situation he/ she is settled on. A Tragic Hero acts wrong without looking at the damages he/she will provoke. The character of a Tragic Hero has an enormous impact in the outcomes that can be produced. The result might be either favorable or unfavorable for the rest of the people. A tragic hero does not always act as the real person that he/ she is. He/ she might be in control for the different emotions that possess him/ her.
Power is a strong destructor in somebody‘s life. Power creates more negative feelings. Once a tragic hero takes all the power he/ she might have the ability to not lose control of his/ her own person. Tragic heroes fight for pride. They get really focus to the pride that they forget to act as they are supposed to act. The fact that such pride is over them making them to be a different kind of people without measuring the consequences that can be brought later on. Such consequences can make them to analyze and think that such pride and power were the key that destroyed their life. In the story of “Antigone” about 90% of the servants noted that Creon was not acting as the real person he was. They knew that Creon was acting in that way because such power and pride that were given to him. Servants believed that the negative thoughts of Creon will come to have…

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