The Tragedy Of The Trayvon Martin Shooting Essays

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As Americans we are bold, brave and unwilling to be pushed around. Our nation is a symbol of our story and how our determination made us the greatest country on the face of the earth. We are a family and just like every family we have our ups and downs and many times are separated by family disputes. Time after time just as soon as our nation begins to recover as a whole from one dramatic event, we open ourselves to be consumed by sectionalism and riots over events like the Fruitvale station shooting, the crisis in Ferguson and one of the most popular and still most debated events to this day the Trayvon Martin shooting.”
Trayvon Martin a Seventeen year old boy was gunned down on the night of February 26, 2012 in Sanford Florida while walking home from a local store. A call to 911 records the conversation between a neighborhood watch member (George Zimmerman) and the operator on the other end of the phone. Zimmerman claims to have been observing “a suspicious person” around the neighborhood where he lives. George Zimmerman ignores the operators order to remain in his vehicle and shortly after the unarmed teenage boy was shot and killed by Zimmerman who tells authorities that he acted in self-defense. Zimmerman was reported to have had wounds causing bloodshed from his nose and on the backside of his head. The very next day a missing persons report is put out by the father of Martin (Tracy Martin). The Sanford PD asks if the father can look at a picture to identify the dead…

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