The Traditional Family Life Cycle Stages Of Family Development

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T.G. and M.G. have successfully made it through several of the traditional family life cycle stages are were currently in the family with adolescents stage. The unplanned birth of A.G. has reentered them into the family with infant phase and M.G. is having difficulty adjusting to her new role as a mother to an infant. Together, M.G. and T.G. are having difficulty maintaining their bond as a couple as well as a healthy level of intimacy.
T.G.’s main task within the household is to financially support the family. He is considered the head of the household, makes all final decisions, sets house rules, and is the main disciplinarian. M.G. adds her input when needed and trust her husband to make most of the important decisions
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is the primary caregiver to the children and takes on the majority of chores around the house. Due to M.G. 's PPD she has been experiencing difficulty keeping up with the chores and her daughter J.G. has been stepping in to help. J.G. helps daily by assisting her brother with homework, taking him to extracurricular activities, and helping tp clean the house. While M.G. has been able to maintain ensuring that the kids go to school, caring for the newborn, and providing adequate meals, she often falls behind on task such as laundry and cleaning. T.G. who provides the only source of income, goes to work early in the morning and returns home sometime after five in the evening. Due to long hours and rigorous work, T.G. is often tired and unable to contribute to the upkeep of the house or caring for the …show more content…
and M.G. try to prevent their children form experiencing emotional distress due to seeing their parents argue. Emotional communication is done in a calm matter or away from the children. T.G. and M.G. speak to their children in the same manner and attempt to speak to them calmly when disciplining them. The couple feels they are able to get their point across using this method due to their children’s ages and ability to understand right from wrong. Verbal communication has been limited in the household, between T.G. and M.G. due to M.G. 's current emotional state. Although T.G. wants to be supportive of his wife, he has limited understanding of what she is going through. M.G. feels that she is unable to verbally explain what she is going through and is having difficulty helping her husband discover the best way to support her. As M.G. has be unable to effectively communicate he needs, lately T.G. has taken the approach of giving M.G. space which has not been an effective method of

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