The Tradition Of The Sunday Feast Essay

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The words of Chef John Besh touched memories in my heart when he said, “The tradition of the Sunday feast accomplishes more than just feeding us. It nurtures us.” Growing up in the deep rural farmlands of Ohio, Sundays in the 1970’s were cherished days spent with family. A day I always looked forward to because it meant dinner at Grandpa and Grandma’s house at noon. My favorite family feast days were in the peak of summer when the humidity was heavy, trees rich with bountiful ripening fruit, gardens bursting with its treasures and Grandpa making his homemade chicken soup. The anticipation of this special meal grew as we loaded into the car and counted down each familiar overgrown tree lining the one lane road to my grandparents’ house. As my dad pulled into the dark asphalt drive and parked under the shade of Grandma’s apple pie tree, I opened the car door to encounter the glorious smell permeating the air. Hungry, I ran through the musty old garage, up the rickety old steps longing to be sustained with all that was stirring beyond the screen door. Grandpa’s Sunday soup satisfied me because it was not only tasty, but filled with tradition, toil, and togetherness.

Stewed within the soup were heaps of family traditions. As a child, large family gatherings were a daily experience for my Grandpa being one of 13 siblings. As his brothers and he married, Sunday gatherings grew extensively. Soup was the common meal served as it could be stretched to feed many mouths. It…

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