The Timeline Of Starbucks ' Global Expansion Essay

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Starbuck 's Global Expansion
The timeline of Starbucks’ global expansion is shown in Exhibit 9-10. Discuss Starbuck’s entry decisions. Do you see any patterns in the expansion strategy? What could be the underlying reason(s) for the observed patterns?
The mission statement of Starbucks is ´to inspire and nurture the human spirit by one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time (
On March 30th 1971, was opened in Seattle the first Starbucks store by three partners. Progressively the first stores outside of Seattle were opened in 1987, in Vancouver and Chicago and its expansion were much more extensive across North America. Based on high-quality whole bean coffees along with fresh rich-brewed coffees, Starbucks sells a variety of products such as Italian-style espresso beverages and cold blended beverages, a collection of complementary food items and also some tea sand beverage-related accessories and equipment ( Its performance as a multinational firm has increased over time and led to expansion in global operations. According to Helsen, Kristiaan and Masaaki Kotabe (2014), Starbucks uses different types of ownership structures to lower the risks of overseas expansion. As global market entry strategies, the company either designates a local developer to use the Starbucks brand or sets up a joint venture. So through the joint venture, the company chose to pick the right business partner in host countries or set up joint venture with other…

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