The Time Line : On Temporal Aspects Of Family Relationships Essay

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FRIEDMAN, H., ROHRBAUGH, M., & KRAKAUER, S. (1988). The Time-Line Genogram: Highlighting Temporal Aspects of Family Relationships. Family Process, 27(3), 293-303.
The article was about a Time-Line Genogram (TLG), which plots time on the vertical axis to display life events, changes that occur in relationships, and highlights of family’s history. The genogram displays information about family members and their relationships over several generations. The article then goes into giving examples of how a time line genogram compares to a standard genogram. A genogram is described as providing three broad categories of information: the basic family structure, information about individual family members, and family relationships. But in a time line genogram it includes the recordings of dates of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and other important events next to the names of the appropriate family members. The article then goes in to detail by giving examples on how to make a time line genogram. Towards the end of the article, after talking about the advantages of using a time line genogram and talked about some of the disadvantages of using it. One of the disadvantages were that the time line genogram is more difficult to construct because it requires to incorporate more temporal information. My opinion of the article is that it was interesting to know about this different kind of genogram and I liked how the article gave…

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