The Three Student Learning Outcomes And Its Concepts Essay

1078 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
As an International Relations major, when I first looked at the classes offered in the communication section, the name “Intercultural communication” stood out. I was expecting to learn a little bit about every culture: their religion, beliefs, language, mores, etc. I also expected a lot of international students in the class, and the teacher to be chill and open-minded. Gladly, the class exceeded all my expectations. I learned a lot about other cultures, but not in a superficial way, I came to understand why they act in a certain way. There were students from different countries, such as Sweden, Colombia, and Bermuda. Tina is very open-minded and knows a lot about how to “understand” someone because as she taught us, that person is the way she/he is because of her past and experiences. So, I came to understand more about how culture affects our behavior. In this paper, I will discuss the three student learning outcomes and its concepts. From the first SLO, “understanding the self”, I will talk about personal identity, high-context communication, and language. From the second SLO, “empathy: understanding others”, empathy, perception, and privileged groups. From the thirds SLO, “social justice: creating dialogue”, conflict, human rights, and non-violent communication. The first student learning outcome taught me how culture impacts my communication behavior. First, personal identity. Identity gives us a sense of place and it’s our way to identify ourselves in relation to the…

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