The Three Main Imponents Of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behaviors (OB) will always be a major role identifying the effectiveness of a functioning organizations. In order to understand OB you have to have a complete understanding on how organizational behavior works. “Organizational behavior describes an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding and managing people at work.” (Pg. 4) To describe OB it is a study of factors that affect how people and groups act, think, feel, and work in an organization. OB is critical in determining how employees and a company functions. Once the behavior of the employees is understood the management of the company can make every effort to reach the company’s full potential. The three main components of OB is: Individuals in the organization, Group/Team processes, and Organizational processes. The employees/people are the main component to OB. When there is proper management in place at a company the company should be able to reach full potential. As an employee there are certain responsibilities and goals that each employee …show more content…
In the meetings there is a person from each department that is involved, this is a chance for anyone to bring up concerns that may cause the order not to ship or to ship incorrect. My company has found the meetings very helpful with the open communication. At times there are difference between employees. Me being the sales person my main focus is to get a purchase order and for the order to ship by month end to recognize revenue. However, at times my scheduling department steps in and says no more orders will ship. Most of the time it is due to lack of material; however, there has been times when our scheduler is in a bad mood or overloaded with work. Working with this person for years I understand her strengths, weakness, and her back ground and we can resolve any issues that occur without it causing a delay in doing our

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