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Register to read the introduction… In what ways can organizations develop strategically useful performance management systems? What is the nature of the link to SHRM thinking?

“Strategic Human resource management is an approach that refers how the aims of the organization will be acquired through people by means of human resource strategies and combined human resource practices and policies.”

“Performance Management is the process of defining clear objectives and targets for individuals and teams, and the regular review of actual achievement and eventual rewarding for target achievement.”

An organization can develop strategically useful performance management system by devising a performance management system that is directly in line with acquiring people and building human resource practices and policies that leads to achievement of aims of the organization.

Performance management is a system starts right from the time an employee joins the organization and continues till the time he stays in the organization. It is a process by which the company makes the employees realize their need to the company, by putting down the various areas where in the employee is expected to perform. These areas are derived from the larger goals and objectives. It becomes the duty of the HR through this performance management extract the maximum from an
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Performance Management systems are both central to and problematic. Discuss this statement.
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According to Armstrong and Baron (1998), Performance Management is both a strategic and an integrated approach to delivering successful results in organizations by improving the performance and developing the capabilities of teams and individuals.

In the current era where organizations are facing recessionary pressures and with employees under tremendous cut throat competition, performance management is a very big savior. It serves as a proactive system of managing employee performance for driving the individuals and the organizations towards desired performance and results. Some of the other key benefits are:- • Work towards same goals/objectives o It aligns the organization and its employees to work in the direction of meeting the same goals – which is mutually beneficial. We know that the performance of individual eventually defines the performance of organization. This serves as an important check on that
• Giving a clear picture of job expectations o With a proper performance management process, the employees get a very clear and fair understanding of what is required from their job. This also improves accountability as a person is held accountable for his/ her own

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