The Three Isms You Should Know For Your Mental & Physical Health

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The Three Isms You Should Know for Your Mental & Physical Health

These are the three isms you should practice for a health life.

No, it isn 't easy. It 's a lot easier to do their opposite, but, trust me, it 's all about the long-term benefits.

Remember, don 't do what is easy in the moment, do what is easy to live with.


Veganism is key when it comes to your body 's health.

Not so much veganism, but a whole food plant-based diet (that means no salt or oils).

You can check out 100 Scientific Reasons to NOT Eat Meat or you can take a look at Dr. Greger 's site,, to learn everything you need to know.

The opposite of veganism? Junk food and meat, especially processed meat.

Best honest, that "I ate too much" feeling after eating fatty and processed foods isn 't natural. You intuitively know it simply isn 't healthy.


Libertarianism is about your psychological health.

It 's about your natural rights and exercising them.

Let me give you a warning, never give up your rights, not even a little bit, as you never know someone 's true intentions are until after your rights are violated.

Like the saying goes:

"Give someone an inch and they 'll take a mile."

Whether it 's the right to remain silent or not letting someone search you or your property, always exercise your rights.

To learn more about libertarianism, check out the following: The Philosophy of Liberty, Frédéric Bastiat - The Law, and You Can Always Leave

The opposite…

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