The Thing That Changed Me Essay

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The Thing that Changed Me

Out of all of the events in my life, there is only one that truly changed me. It was an unexpected moment. Meeting Caitlyn was one of the best things that ever happened to me. She became a friend to me like I had never had before. She was, and still is, like the little sister I never had. I always hated to see her suffer, especially from a distance. My moving was hard on both of us, but perhaps more on her. This is why all of our time together just became more and more treasured.

When I went back to Colorado in September, Caitlyn was anxiously awaiting my arrival. I threw myself into her arms, wanting nothing more than to be there with my best friend forever. We had missed each other. We had needed each other. However, Caitlyn 's needs far topped mine. During our time apart, we had of course remained in touch. However the distance between us was highly detrimental for both of us. But being there with her, in the flesh, was an incredible thing after so long without her.

We were lying in the basement on a half deflated air mattress at three in the morning, when I heard her softly crying. I am sure she thought I was sleeping, but my heart somehow ached that night, knowing our time together was short, and I would not see her again for an indefinite amount of time. I turned to face her, putting an arm around her, as her head fell onto my shoulder. Without saying anything, she knew what I was asking.

“I just feel so alone,” she whispered quietly. Her…

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