The Therapeutic Relationship Between Patient And Health Provider

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Back ground and Literature review.

The relationship between clinicians and their patients is of central importance in the delivery of health care. Patient and therapist relationship traditionally has been viewed as a key determinant of treatment outcome and is considered central to the therapeutic process (Hall et al 2012). Abundant research has been conducted regarding the impact of the therapeutic relationship between patient and health provider, especially in the field of general medicine and psychology on treatment outcome (Garren and Crepeau 2011). However, in the field of rehabilitation the concept of the therapeutic relationship has not been widely explored yet, (Kidd et al 2011).
Therapeutic relationship According to Leach (2005) the therapeutic relationship is a trusting connection and rapport established between therapist and client through collaboration, communication, therapist empathy and mutual understanding and respect. The concept of the therapeutic relationship originated in early psychoanalytic practice, which was developed by Freud in the early 20th century. Nowadays the therapeutic relationship becomes an important determinant of successful treatment outcome in health care (Martin et al 2000). Crepeau and Garren (2011) point out that the therapeutic relationship cannot be attained easily; it is a result of a complex interplay of communication skills, technical skills and the reflective capacity of the therapist regarding their behaviour in therapeutic…

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