The Theory Of Transcultural Nursing Or Culture Care Theory Essay

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Madeleine Leininger is the proponent of this theory which is commonly referred to as the theory of transcultural nursing or culture care theory. Leninger developed the theory from some of her works such as the transcultural nursing (1995), culture care diversity and universality (1991) and the transcultural nursing (2002). (Alligood.2014).
The main concepts of the theory
The main ideas in this theory and how they relate includes, the belief that a people’s culture influences their ways of life which includes their health concerns with regard to becoming ill as well as seeking relief from the sickness. (Alligood.2014). Therefore, it is important to understand a people’s culture so as to help cater for their needs during the time of their illness and even after to help in the quick recovery process.
Secondly is the idea that, the health faculty should be inclusive in coming up with their programs as well as services so as to cater for the diverse needs of various groups of people enshrined in their different cultures, beliefs and traditions. (Smith & Parker, 2015). The nurses therefore need to intercultural engage various patients with different ethnic and cultural background so as to be successful in their duty.
Thirdly is that, the use of alternative or traditional means of healthcare provisions maybe different from the modern means of providing health care, hence a conflict may arise in the process of trying to applying the various approaches.
The key assumptions of the…

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