Essay about The Theory Of Sleep Deprivation

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Among the many different topics, I selected sleep for my "Test the Theory" paper. The theory of sleep demonstrates the importance of sleep along with the factors associated with not getting enough. Psychological research suggests that we need an average of eight hours of sleep a night in order for our brains and bodies to function at their full potential. Not getting enough sleep may lead to poor memory, stress, weaker immune system and other side effects. When one does not get the sleep they need, the brain has a decreased ability to focus attention, process and store memories.
Another term for not getting enough sleep is known as sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation occurs when the body starts to yearn for sleep, but never receives it. Not only does sleep deprivation make one extremely tired, it leads to difficulty studying, low productivity, irritability and fatigue. The effects of sleep deprivation are detrimental to one 's health and can be avoided by making sure one receives the right amount of sleep. While many tests have been done in the past to prove the theory of sleep, I constructed and tested my own.
In order to test the theory of sleep I kept a sleep log for five consecutive days. I wrote down the time I went to bed and the time I woke up. I recorded the hours on a log along with how I felt throughout the day. I recorded my mood, any body aches I experienced and whether or not I could concentrate throughout the day. On the first day of my test, Saturday,…

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