Essay on The Theory Of Self Evaluation

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For student nurses, the aspect of constantly analysing one’s own practice when only a beginner can seem an overwhelming idea. It is for this reason that self-awareness is vitally important as each new experience and skill gained throughout a nursing programme will cause new emotions, thoughts, ideas and beliefs to present themselves to the learner. These new experiences can therefore develop understanding and enhance the practice of the learner, however it can also overwhelm them causing a struggle in handling the new situation effectively. To fully appreciate the process of changes that student nurses encounter, we must look at how these new experiences are the source of self-evaluation.
Self-evaluation is an active and conscious process that develops and modifies how we as individuals view ourselves. The benefits of self-evaluation are numerous, from allowing better coping mechanisms in an individual to develop to generally allowing better life choices. This is discussed by Sedikides and Strube (1995) who determine that the holistic effects of self-evaluation allow us to be better self-regulating, more coping in stressful events and also improve our social outlook when interacting with others.
All this improvement however requires active work if it is to be fully achieved. The events that a student nurse will encounter will all be different; however they will all trigger a similar thought process that grants the individual with the opportunity to develop further…

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