The Theory Of Organization : The Scientific And Academic Viewpoint

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The theory of organization is based on a broad on how organizations are formulated, maintained, and disbanded. However, it is this premise that promotes the idea that the theory of organization is not cumulative, nor is it as broad as it seems because there are numerous definitions, coming from various eras, and from different people. It may be argued that the theory of organization is more of a subject area, rather than a single theory that defines what an organization actually is. Also, The theory of organization should not be cumulative because there is the opportunity for improvement in how scholars think of organizations, and creates a field of study that can look at the historical contributions made by the authors and experts on the topic, and provide future queries into improving the theory itself.
In order to better understand the theory of organization, it is important to understand the definition from both the scientific and academic viewpoint. The scientific approach to the theory of organization is that it is a multidiscipline field that provides an objective study of organizational phenomena, which remains distinctive as the theory develops over time. In other words, organizations are not applicable to one single field, and can reach across many subjects while remaining relevant.
The academic approach to the theory of organizations is that being that they have always existed, the theory is rooted in a historical, social context, which is broken down…

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