The Theory Of Global Warming Essay

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In recent years, the theory of global warming became a controversial topic in today 's society. Many dispute that global warming is due to humans and the many technological advances. Global warming could cause temperature increases, rising sea levels, glacier melting, and increased carbon emissions. The theory of global warming was introduced to the media in the 1900’s. The extreme amount of carbon dioxide was slowly corroding the ozone layer. It is stated in the environmental science reference site, that there were scientists who presented the idea of theory during the time period of the industrial revolution, but they were dismissed as being alarmists. Global warming is not a cause for concern because it does not impact the scarcity of resources, hunger deficit, or health of the people.
Throughout the world, there are many causes for concern in each country. The scarcity of resources, and poverty is a major issue within various places throughout the world. The Global Issues Organization estimates that over three billion people, almost half the world, are living off of less than two dollars and fifty cents a day. The organization also concluded that one billion children live in poverty, which are half the children of the world. There are over six hundred million living without an adequate place to live, four hundred million have no safe water, and over two hundred million have no access to the proper health services. There was a study done by the organization that…

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