Persuasive Global Warming Research Paper

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What if everything you use can be recycled? Every piece of clothing in your house, every shoe in your closet, your baby’s diapers, and even your body when you die. With a little help from society, our entire lives can be biodegradable. Addition to helping the planet, biodegradable products can help combat the effects of global warming. Even though biodegradable products aren’t enough to completely reverse it, we should be using them to help the earth and to create a better future for our children and their children.
First, we have to look at the problem before we can describe the solution. Global warming has been an issue since the beginning of the industrial revolution. “In 1886 greenhouse gasses were discovered and Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius concluded that industrial-age coal burning will enhance the natural greenhouse effect.” (Biodegradable Products, Positive Impact on the Eco-System) Over the next 50 years we unlock more answers about global warming as the population rises rapidly. There was a global drop in temperature around the 1960’s and people thought we were going to go into the next ice age, but the temperature quickly rose again, more rapidly than ever in the 1970’s.
As we went through the 80’s and 90’s people started to realize how bad global warming really
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This may sound very odd because yes, it is a company that provides cigarette butts that are biodegradable but it’s a lot bigger than that. People have been smoking for thousands of years and people aren’t just going to stop smoking because we tell them to. People have a right to smoke if they want to smoke so why not make it the safest way possible so that yes, if you do end up just getting your cigarette butts that it’s helping they’re at their not harming it. It’s just providing people with a more biodegradable option for something that is normally

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